Emotional assessment

Emotional assessment:

An emotional assessment assesses your child’s emotional well-being and can identify if there are any emotional worries for your child.

An emotional assessment is based on play observations as well as the use of some emotional assessment tools to get an overview and understanding of some of the emotional difficulties your child might be experiencing.

An emotional assessment helps you as the parent understand what might be causing your child to behave in an unusual manner. Emotional symptoms in children are often exhibited as increased irritability, tantrums or anger lack of appetite or increased appetite, decrease in your child’s academic performance and even social withdrawal. Such behaviour can be concerning for a parent.

The assessment usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks after which the therapist will meet with the parents to discuss the way forward. At times your child might need to attend play therapy to help them understand their worries better and therefore manage them better which leads to symptom improvement