Educational assessment


Children have assessments for a number of reasons and as a result there are also a number of assessments used for children and adolescents. An assessment is needed when your child is struggling in one or many areas at school and when there is no clear understanding why he/she is struggling.  I am able to assess children from 2 years to 16 years 11 months.

Children presenting with specific or general difficulties will benefit from an assessment. Often your child’s teacher, who is able to see your child in a learning environment among peers, will advise you to bring your child for a full assessment.


In a full battery of assessments your child will be assessed in three different areas. These include:

  • Cognitively
  • Educationally
  • Emotionally

Cognitive assessment: This is commonly known as an IQ assessment. These assessment tools assess a child’s learning potential. It assesses a child’s language abilities and his/her ability to use words to express themselves. It also assesses the child’s ability to express themselves and think abstractly without using words. Short-term memory, concentration and performance speed are also assessed.

Educational assessment: This assesses what your child has already learnt from school, based on his or her age and relevant Grade. It assesses Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Oral Language.

Emotional assessment: This assess the child’s self-perception and perception of the world as well as general approach to the world which can also affect a child’s learning potential.

A full assessment can pin-point which area/s of functioning are affecting the child’s ability to learn. It can also assess whether the child has started to develop learning gaps in their knowledge due to a learning difficulty. Due to the fact that the tools used are accurate and well tested, the tester can evaluate your child’s functioning and can, based on the results, give you the best steps forward to help your child develop to his or her best potential.



I will provide you with a list of recommendations which can vary depending on your child’s specific needs and will provide you with the relevant service providers near to you. I will also be available to help you at any stage of the process.