About Me

About me

I am an Educational psychologist with a special interest in child and adolescent psychotherapy and assessment. My work focuses on building self-esteem and promoting positive personal development in those individuals with inter-personal and intra-personal difficulties. I am an energetic and dynamic therapist with a passion and responsibility for the work that I do. Children are unique in their capabilities and strengths and these are the attributes I aim to enhance in each child that I see.

I completed my Masters degree in Educational Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand. I work from a psychodynamic framework, which is predominantly long-term in nature, but provides longer-term results. The reason being because the therapy focuses on the internal psychic dynamic that is expressed through specific symptoms. Thus symptom relief is achieved through an in depth working through process.

My training years, both honours and masters, have helped me develop a number of skills and work with a variety of difficulties in young children and adolescents. As a result I have had experience in working with a number of difficulties and through the psychotherapeutic process have seen positive change and development in the children and adolescents that I have worked with.

I am also trained and qualified in full psycho-educational assessments. My assessments are broad and thorough. I assess a child’s cognitive and educational potential as well as their emotional state to be able to understand the parent and/or child’s concerns as best as possible and provide comprehensive and accurate recommendation.